An extra noise by the big boss” a short film directed by Kaveh Baghdadchi (2018) is included in a screening night presented by the U.C. Center for Film and Media Studies at the MiniMicro Cinema on Thursday, August 02, 2018 starting at 7:30 pm.    


   Other films for the night will be “FC Roma” directed by Tomáš Bojar & Rozálie Kohoutová, “The Stranger in My Head” directed by Petra Balekić and “Tower XYZ” directed by Ayo Akingbad.  


   “An extra noise by the big boss” was made into a M.F.A. thesis project as a protest against Trump’s travel ban. Based on a true story and from a very personal standpoint, it shows how ordinary people become victims of one of the most controversial political issues in recent years.