To generate a metaphor representing my stressful early days in the United States as a new immigrant, I chose some snapshots which I had made during my early days in America, fitted them into the word “Heech” (its calligraphy format in Persian) and created layouts with those visually-filled “Heech”s in a way that they look like arabesque or Iranian motifs in traditional paintings.

“Heech” means “nothing” in Persian. I wanted a multicultural, metaphorical expression to show the uncertainty that I was experiencing by then was not something to get me stressed out. After a while such early stressful days seemed like nothing but just new challenges in my life which I had to be patient enough to be over.

In addition, as a reference to my status as an Iranian immigrant I needed to apply a word like “Heech” which is probably a rare publicly known Persian word worldwide, mostly because of Parviz Tanavoli’s renowned “Heech” sculptures.


Year: 2017