“Home: the comfort Zone” the first short film made by Kaveh Baghdadchi in Cincinnati, back to July 2016 is selected by Kimberly Burleigh to be included in a screening night at the MiniMicro Cinema on Tuesday, November 21st at 7:30pm.


The main part of the event is to show some of Kim’s Fine Arts animations and Kaveh Baghdadchi’s short film plus “The FBI Blew Up My Ice Skates” by Lindsey Martin (faculty member in Motion Pictures at Wright State University) and a creative video by Sheng Yin (MFA at DAAP) are curated by Kim Burleigh to be shown there, too. The admission is free.


The mission of The Mini Microcinema is to show experimental film/video/media, highlighting work made by artists and filmmakers outside of the mainstream.